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M&M Compass Issue 3/2017 The web magazine for customers and employees of Militzer & Münch

Huge inland terminal for Iran

A country on the move: the Iranian Militzer & Münch affiliate PTB Perse International Forwarding Co. is developing a terminal at the future Aprin Dry Port near Tehran.


In spite of positive developments, the country is still posing challenges to numerous enterprises – and this is where local knowhow is crucial. The PTB Group makes use of its country specific knowledge and fully taps the country’s potential.


“I am aware of my great responsibility.”

Unique factors present Militzer & Münch Russia's team with special challenges. Marina Dshegrij, Managing Director of Militzer & Münch Russia, told us how the employees master these challenges and the goals Militzer & Münch Russia pursues.


A successful team effort

Chewing gum, sweets, and tooth paste – three totally different items. And yet, they have one thing in common: they can all contain xylitol. In June, Militzer & Münch transported this food additive from Dezhou in China to Poznań in Poland.


High-tech from Brazil

More than 9,000 kilometers from Brazil to Poland: in summer, Militzer & Münch Poland coordinated the transport of machinery for a new paper factory. This marked another step in the cooperation with the customer, one of Brazil’s leading manufacturers of machinery for the paper industry.


Refreshments delivered by Militzer & Münch Tajikistan

Militzer & Münch Tajikistan signed a contract with a soft drink manufacturer. The customer operates a bottling plant in Dushanbe, and needs nationwide distribution.


Close cooperation for North Africa transports

For a German forwarder who has to handle traffics to North Africa, the cooperation with Militzer & Münch as a long-standing Maghreb specialist is an optimal solution.


Azerbaijan: first transports

In March 2017, Militzer & Münch opened a representation in Azerbaijan. Business is doing well: different industries are already relying on Militzer & Münch‘s Middle East expertise to import their products to the landlocked country in the Orient.


Transformer on tour

How to get a huge transformer for a new power station to cover a 2,000 kilometer distance? The Militzer & Münch team in China had the solution: on a 20-axle bridge trailer. They organized the complete door-to-door transport.


To the Maghreb and back

Militzer & Münch France has entered into a partnership with Davies Turner, a leading forwarder in the United Kingdom. The objective: developing the traffics between the United Kingdom and the Maghreb states.


New subsidiary in Algeria

Logistics business with Morocco and Tunisia has been successful for years. Militzer & Münch France in particular is the leading forwarder to and from the Maghreb countries, relying on its close cooperation with the well established Militzer & Münch Morocco and Militzer & Münch Tunisia teams. Algeria transports have also continually been on the rise. This is why Militzer & Münch decided to open a subsidiary in Algiers, the capital of Algeria. For the new country unit, Militzer & Münch cooperates with a renowned shareholder active in international transportation.