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Structural elements from three continents

All in all, the Militzer & Münch Group transports almost 190 containers laden with parts for a paper machine to Russia. The German and the Chinese Militzer & Münch organizations are involved in the multimodal transports. The challenging project will be finalized in this summer.

The Republic of Karelia lies in the Northwest of the Russian Federation. In Segezha, a town of 30,000, a paper mill is being modernized and equipped with anew paper machine. Paper and cardboard are, alongside wood and metals, the main exports of the region.


Big delivery to Kazakhstan

Loaded with everything a hotel has to provide, 30 containers are crossing entire continents. The Militzer & Münch branch office at Eichenzell serves as the control tower for the scheduling, coordinating, handling and monitoring of the goods flow. The project is to be finished in April.


Boosting growth – with road transports

Whether from East to West or North to South – many transit routes cross Poland. So for Militzer & Münch, adding road transportation services to the portfolio of the Polish M&M air sea cargo S.A. was a logical step.


More capacities for industries

Tailored concepts for the Swiss industry: In January, the Militzer & Münch in Basel team took on new experts for transports to Central and Eastern Europe to expand the service portfolio.


The exciting Silk Road revival

Gigantic investment package for an improved transport network between Asia and Europe. Benefiting from the opportunities, Militzer & Münch is developing new locations and road transport services.


Hydropower for Central Asia

North of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, a dam is being built on the river Vakhsh. The Militzer & Münch Group handles the door-to-door transport of the components for two gas-insulated switchgears .


Maghreb – a high potential market

Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco – the Militzer & Münch Group is registering a marked increase in transports to the Maghreb region. In the past two years, the Militzer & Münch road transports multiplied.