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Conquering the steppe

On some roads in Kazakhstan, you have camels crossing, and some routes are sand tracks only. Difficult circumstances for the transport of parts for a compressor station to Bozoi in Kazakhstan – the perfect task for Militzer & Münch.


The gas pipeline will cover a distance of almost 1,500 kilometers, from the west of Kazakhstan to Shymkent in the south. For the gas to be able to travel long distances unhindered, compressor stations regulate the pressure. Like in Bozoi, a region in the middle of the Kazakh steppe. It’s the place where one of several state-of-the-art compressor units is being built for the new pipeline.


Deeply rooted in Eurasia

Anniversaries at Militzer & Münch Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus. Each of the organizations boasts over two decades of experience. Eurasia runs in their blood. Be it the language, logistic challenges, laws or customs formalities – the teams are thoroughly familiar with all that.


The world’s longest railroad line

The world’s longest railway connection crosses eight time zones. Covering over 13,000 kilometers, it runs from Yiwu in Eastern China to Madrid in Spain. InterRail, a Militzer & Münch sister company, offers regular transports along the record route – also to the benefit of Militzer & Münch customers.


The dictator from Mongolia

A exhibition currently highlights the GDR’s (German Democratic Republic) personality cult around Joseph Stalin and commemorates the victims of his dictatorship. Militzer & Münch transported a statue of the Soviet dictator from Mongolia to Berlin.


Attracting: Militzer & Münch as 4PL provider

Militzer & Münch Greece has added 4PL to its portfolio. The first big contract comes from a US fashion label. The team ensures that the stores are always well stocked with lingerie and beauty products.


Liquid foods perfectly packaged

For a worldwide operating producer of packaging solutions headquartered in France, M&M France transported three big machines to dairy plants and beverage producers. Militzer & Münch assigned two teams for the project.


Record results in North-East Europe

At the base of the good business development of Militzer & Münch in the Baltics is, among others, the close cooperation with affiliate Cargomax in Latvia. The concept works – transports are reaching record figures.


Introducing a new HGV toll

The German Federal Government’s legislative draft for the new HGV tolling scheme is stirring up the logistics industry. As of July 2018, the road toll is to be extended to include all 40,000 kilometers of federal roads.


Award-winning airfreight services

Top performance is rewarded: the team M&M Air Cargo Service (ACS) Bulgaria Ltd. was able to win five prizes in 2017. These awards emphasize the continued appreciation of Militzer & Münch Bulgaria.


Heavy lift, long distance

22 transformers and associated equipment from Shanghai to Port Sudan – that was the order for Militzer & Münch China. The heaviest cargo weighed 67 tons – the total weight of the goods was too much for a normal bulk carrier.


Polish food exported worldwide

Polish foodstuff is popular worldwide, as export figures prove. Artur Wojtczak, Sales Director at Militzer & Münch Poland, comments on the chances offered by this trend in the foodstuff industry.